DJI Osmo Pro/RAW - Wired Video Adapter


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Osmo Pro/RAW - Wired Video Adapter is able to transform video signal to USB signal.It is used to connect the Osmo Pro/RAW to DJI CrystalSky Monitor and Android mobile devices* without a Wi-Fi connection, making the captured footage more stable and smooth.It is ideal for solving problems that are caused by the limitations of Wi-Fi connection such as lagging footage, long latency and the inability to manually focus accurately. There is an additional Peak Focus* function for Osmo Pro/RAW.
Osmo Pro/RAW Wired Video Adapter can be used with the Osmo X5 Adapter and Osmo Pro/RAW Z Axis. It also comes with a DJI Focus communication port, which allows the mobile device and DJI Focus or DJI Focus Handwheel to connect simultaneously.

*DJI GO app Android version 3.1.5, Android system 4.4.0 or later and Osmo Pro/RAW rmware v1.4.0.60 are required. Note that the Osmo Pro/RAW Wired Video Adapter cannot be used with iOS devices due to the limitation of iOS.

Adds stability and smoothness when live-streaming video footage.

The Osmo Pro/RAW Wired Video Adapter supports Zenmuse X5 and Zenmuse X5R only, and cannot be used with Zenmuse X3 or Zenmuse Z3.

In the Box:
Osmo Pro/RAW - Wired Video Adapter ×1

Output: USB 2.0

Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5R
DJI Focus - Handwheel 2
Osmo Pro/RAW - DJI Focus Handwheel
DJI Focus - Handwheel 2-Osmo Pro/RAW Communication Cable
Osmo Pro/RAW