DJI Focus - Part 35 - Thumbwheel-DJI Focus Motor Cable


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<在庫なし/取寄>DJI Focus - Part 35 - Thumbwheel-DJI Focus Motor Cable

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DJI Focus Thumbwheel is a new accessory providing wired Focus motor control for unmatched stability and reliability on a shoot day. With the cables included in the package, DJI Focus Thumbwheel can be easily mounted on and connected to Ronin, Ronin-M and Ronin-MX. Also, it’s wired connection can go straight to DJI Remote Start/Stop and DJI Focus motors (optional Thumbwheel-DJI Focus Motor Cable or Thumbwheel-Remote Start/Stop Cable required), offering a more flexible way of lens and camera controlling when the camera is mounted to other stabilization gears.